6 Best Male Enhancement Exercises And Food

male enhancement exercisesYou may always try to console yourself that size doesn’t matter, but to tell you the bitter truth, size does matter. Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the causes of strained relationship, and although there are several factors that contribute to sexual dissatisfaction, penis size do play a role in that. A small penis may pose some threats with stamina and sexual pleasure.

If you’re curious about increasing your penis size naturally; both length and girth, male enhancement exercises comes in handy.

Before we check on the male enhancement exercises let’s focus on how the exercises work.

 How the male enhancement exercises work

Penis is the of the most sensitive and delicate organs in your body is the penis. When you get aroused, the brain releases a certain hormone called corpus cavernosa that directs more blood to your penis area. This makes the penile tissue enlarge causing a hard erection.

Male enhancement exercises help to increase your penis size by one to three inches in length by stimulating and manipulating the penis chamber. These penis chambers are responsible for the shaft and length of your penis. The exercises work to expand and stretch these chambers conversely increasing length and girth of your penis to make it long and thick.


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Which are the best male enhancement exercises?

  1. Jelqing

This is an effective natural enhancements exercise that is performed when your penis is not fully erect. The reason for this is that this exercise, if carried out on a completely erect penis, it may cause some injuries. 

Apply enough lubrication to the penis and use your forefinger and the thumb to form an ‘OK’ sign at the base of your penis. Gently squeeze your penis at the base and then pull your forefinger and thumb outward. Stop the exercise when your reach at the penis head and start over again with your other hand. It is recommended you perform a hundred strokes as a beginner and over time, you can increase this to five hundred strokes. 

  1. Ballooning

This exercise is performed when you’re close to ejaculating. When you’re stimulated and close to ejaculate, hold your palm firmly over the penile head to prevent yourself from reaching orgasm. By performing this technique repeatedly can cause the tissues inside the penis to stretch resulting in increased size. 

  1. Stretching

This exercise is performed when your penis is not erect. It should repeatedly be done between 10 to 15 times if you want to get the desired results. Hold your flaccid penis around its head and pull it gently until it’s stretched to the maximum comfortable limit. Do this exercise for about 15 secondsmale enhancement reviews before releasing the stretch. Make sure to shake the penis vigorously after the stretch to relax the penis muscles. You can stretch the penis to the left and to the right during the exercise to help apply the effect on both sides.

  1. Kegels

This exercise helps to strengthen the penis muscle to help it achieve prolonged erection. Kegel exercise requires you first to locate the penile muscles. You can do this by stopping mid-stream when urinating, and locate the muscles that will tighten up. Kegels exercise requires one to tighten the penis muscles using your forefinger and the thumb and hold it for few seconds. Repeat this exercise anytime you urinate.

  1. Penis pump

Penis pumps come in a variety designs having different features. Although penis pump is a mechanical form of penile exercise, the basics of penis pump are the same. A cylinder fitted with either a manual or electric is mounted over the penis. The cylinder, when pumped, creates an artificial vacuum within the cylinder. This decreases the pressure causing the penis tissues to expand and fill with blood. This will help to increase the length of the penis considerably over time.

  1. The backward method

This is a dangerous exercise that will require you to seek professional guides. This exercise is done by pulling the skin of your penis backward using your thumb while the other four fingers hold the down shaft to provide support. Hold this position firmly for ten seconds before having a short break. Do this exercise for five minutes a day and you will achieve the desired results over time.

When you perform the male enhancement exercises correctly and with the needed care, you will get surprising results. If you want to get the desired outcomes even quicker, you can couple the exercises with the following natural male enhancement foods.

  1. Bananas

They are very rich in potassium that helps to regulate nerves, blood pressure, and heartbeat. They contain bromelain enzyme that has been found to increase libido and prevent impotence. Bananas also clear sodium excesses in your body thereby allowing your heart to work efficiently.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is very rich in allicin that increase blood flow to your penis. This in turn allows men to have a harder, firmer, and long-lasting erection. The primary concern when using garlic is the strong odor that can be avoided by taking garlic capsules.

  1. Watermelon

Watermelons are rich in citamin c which helps to improve the body immune system. They also contain citrulline in abundance that helps in relaxing the blood vessels. This helps to increase blood flow throughout the body and penis will not be an exceptional to this. 

  1. Oily fish

Including oily fish in your diet is important as they contain healthy fat and omega-3 fatty acids which increases you blood circulation and are essential for your heart. You can include tuna, salmon, and mackerel in your diet. Besides, these fish help to lower the risk of prostate cancer.

  1. Snails

Snails are rich in Zinc-an antioxidant mineral that can boost your sexual functioning. Zinc presence in snails assists in repairing cells, improving the male reproductive system, and in the production of DNA.

There are lots of foods and natural vitamins that can act as male enhancement natural supplements.

The bottom line

Remember to couple the male enhancement exercises with a proper diet inclusive of the above foods if you intend to have better sexual performance. The exercises should be carried with care to avoid damaging the delicate tissues of the penis.


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