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Tips That Can Help One Grow 3 to 4 Inches Taller

Proven Tips That Can Help One Grow 3 to 4 Inches Taller

Grow 3 to 4 Inches Taller

A lot of people felt they weren’t good for a sport, job, girl or guy, all because of their vertical posture. Some were mocked by their peers, some found it difficult getting their dream job while others were even rejected by the opposite sex. But do you want to know how to grow 3 to 4 inches taller in less than a year? Well, this piece of writing will explain to you how you can achieve that.

Height can be controlled by several factors; some controllable while others are beyond our reach (genes). Generally, most men will stop growing at the age of 21 years, while most women will cease growing height at the age of 18 years. But one can increase height after passing the growth period. This can be done by stimulating the cartilage discs in the spine. A human spine has 33 discs all of which having an elastic texture that acts as shock absorbers. To grow height, you must thicken these discs. How do you do that? Well, follow the following things.

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How to Get Longer Legs

how to get longer legs

In the world where models with long and lean and Smooth Legs seem to attract a glimpse of most people, it’s easy to start desiring longer legs. Once you stop growing, it isn’t possible to lengthen the bones in your legs. However, you can lengthen your leg muscles to make them portray you as having longer legs like those seen on fashion show runways. Regular exercise can stave off the conditions that inhibit the growth of your legs to their maximum length. Wondering on how to get longer legs? Well, there are several exercises can make your legs seem leaner and taller.

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Top 3 Best Food to Increase Height

food to increase height

Did you know that most of us do not attain our maximum height possible? Thanks to Poor eating habits and behaviors that inhibit the ability of our bodies to grow. The possible things that inhibit height increase are, smoking, alcohol, Lack of exercise among others. Short people tend to have low self-confidence and tend to appear and feel inferior among taller people. Proper nutrition can help you increase your height even after you have undergone puberty. Increase in height is brought about by Human Growth Hormone(HGH). This means you should feed on foods that release the hormone.

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How To Grow Taller After Puberty


How To Grow Taller After Puberty

How To Grow Taller After Puberty

There’s a close relationship between height and puberty. It is at this age that most teenage attain the highest growth rate. Therefore, after passing this stage majority the question “how to grow taller after puberty” starts creeping in. But worry no more as sometimes you can grow taller even after passing the puberty stage. The velocity and timing of everybody growth is different from individual to individual and is determined by nutrition, growth plates of the body, and gender.

How to grow taller after puberty is one of the most asked questions. This is because; majority believes that one stops growing after puberty. However, although majority experience robust growth at puberty age, it has nothing with halting the growth rate of an individual. Recently, scientists, nutritionists, and professionals have proven that one can gain height regardless of their age at home by building a  home gym, as long as they follow proper methods and nutrition.

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Using Factors That Help stop growing taller?

stop increase heightThe question “how to stop growing taller?” is not commonly asked as most people would prefer to grow a bit taller than they are now. However, most girls out there may not want to grow so tall to the extent that they surpass the height of most men. It’s important to learn things that may stop one from growing taller so that he/she can choose whether to avoid them or emphasize on them depending on your situation.

There are certain factors that determine a person overall height growth. While genetics and gender may be the biggest influencers of height, there’re also several other factors that may affect the height of an individual. Several calculators predict how tall a person will grow by the time they reach adulthood, but none of them is 100% accurate. If only we knew the exact height we would grow to, we would have taken important precautions to improve our height or control it.

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Top 4 Stretches To Grow Taller

increase height after 20How can you get taller is a question asked by a lot of people who are vertically challenged. But worry not as you aren’t alone, there’re plenty of people looking for simple and quick methods that will help them add some extra inches. For this reason, a lot of people revert to medication such as oils, creams and at times injections. However, these are expensive methods that have side effects on your body. There’re natural means that one can use to increase their height. These exercises and stretches to grow taller can help one increase height regardless of whether they are at puberty or past that age.

Stretches to grow taller aren’t just any stretches but instead are specific ones targeted on specific areas of your spine, thighs, and shins; areas that have growth plates.

The following are some of the most effective stretches that can help one grow taller

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How To Increase Height After 20 or After Teenage Years.

increase height after 18How to increase height after 20 or after teenage years is a very common question asked by many. However, the internet is full of distorted answers and very few people give honest information regarding the topic. Indeed, height is determined primarily by heredity factors. However, for you to reach your full height there’re a number of factors that you ought to put into consideration: you got to have a balanced diet, active life, enough rest time, minerals rich foods, maintain a good posture and much more. Increasing height after 20 years is not very easy, but once you embark on that journey, you’ll get satisfactory results. This piece of writing will give you various tips that you can employ to fasten and hasten your journey to increasing height.

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Simple Home Remedies To Increase Height Naturally

tips to increase HeightWant to grow taller? Then the solution just lies with you. Height is an important factor that dictates your personality and various things. Although being short doesn’t mean that your capabilities are undermined, it’s a fact that tall people are more attractive and often become a center of attention. Short people face certain difficulties in various aspects of their lives such as being disadvantaged when it comes to certain professions. It is pretty unfortunate that even good, talented and qualified individuals get ignored because of not possessing the standard height.

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7 Simple Tips to Increase Height

tips for increasing heightHeight is a major factor when it comes to determining outlook and personality of a person. People who are diminutive often tend to suffer from a lack of confidence and inferiority complex in their daily life. By this, we aren’t trying to undermine the capabilities of the so-called short people, but it’s true that deep down in their hearts wish they could be taller than they are.

Height increases up to the age of 18 in women and 24 in men. The increase of height of an individual is determined by a growth hormone called Human Growth Hormone secreted by pituitary glands. However, there are other factors that can inhibit height gain; family genetics, inadequate nutrition, incorrect posture, lack of physical activity, etc. Genetic factors cannot be controlled, but non-genetic factors can be controlled to some extent if you follow the seven tips to increase height that we will discuss in the following paragraphs.


  1. Have a proper diet

Proper nutrition and balanced diet play a crucial role in improving your height. Your body should tip to increase heightbe able to absorb and incorporate vitamins, nutrients and minerals into your body system for proper growth and height. Food containing calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iodine should be included in your diet in plenty for proper growth. Avoid foods rich in trans-fats and saturated fats as they interfere with the absorption of vital nutrients by the system. Food rich in protein, carbohydrates, calcium, and amino acids include apple, pumpkin, fish, grapes, banana, peas, chicken and dairy products.


  1. Perform stretches

Performing some mild exercises in the morning to stretch your spine and neck are another way of increasing exercises. You can decide whether to have mild or intensive exercises depending on your flexibility and your intent to work out. Devote 15 minutes a day to perform stretch exercises, and you’ll get surprised to notice a significant increment in your height, stamina, and immunity as well.


  1. Having proper sleep

It is a known fact that our body grows and regenerates tissues while we are asleep. Humansleep to increase height Growth Hormone is secreted while in deep, sound, and slow wave sleep. Growing children should have a proper sleep of at least 8 to 11 hours to achieve their maximum height. Have a serene sleeping environment free from disturbing noise and strong lights. To have a restful sleep take a warm bath before going to bed, and also you can drink one cup of tea to induce sleep. Having proper sleep is the best way to increase one’s height naturally.


  1. Swimming

tip to increase height 1Swimming is one of the best ways to grow your height naturally. The free motion of swimming is a light exercise that you can do on your body that can greatly make your body relax and release stress which can prevent your body from growing. Try dedicating as much time in swimming as possible. If you can, do it at least two hours a day or three times to achieve optimal growth. To sustain this amount of activity, again you must have taken enough balance diet to fuel your body enough.


  1. Cycling

Cycling comes with so many benefits including improving metabolism, burning calories, toning your gluteal muscles, improving your mood, and much more. Besides these benefits, cycling acts as an exercise that stimulates vertical growth. To benefit maximally from this exercise, you must sit with your back upright and straight and raise the seat to such a position that place your legs fully extended.


  1. Soak in some sunlight

Sunlight is an important natural source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential height determinant because of its effect on bone growth. Exposure to sunlight allows your body to absorb the required dose of Vitamin D. The best times to sunbath is during the morning hours or late afternoon as the Ultraviolet radiation is at its lowest during this time.


  1. yoga to increase height3Do yoga

Yoga can be beneficial to increase your height naturally. Certain yoga poses stimulate your body to release growth-inducing hormones. Yoga relaxes your back muscles thereby relieving off stress from them to pave a way for maximum growth.




The bottom line

Height gain all come down to two factors, having a healthy living and performing spine and neck stretching exercises. The above tips to increase height are all natural. Avoid the supplements that claim to help you increase your height. They never offer a guarantee and also are associated with many side effects. Use the above natural ways to increase your height in a natural way.

6 Simple Yoga Poses to Increase Height

yoga to increase height 1Are you bored with all those supplements and hard exercises that promise to help you gain height, yet they fail? Looking for an effective method to add two or more inches to your height without any side effects? Then Yoga poses is the best solution for you. Many exercises and supplements may help you add an extra height, but none can offer better results than yoga. Why do yoga to increase height?

Yoga postures and poses can help stretch and lengthen your spine. The poses are completely safe and offer other health benefits apart from height gain. Benefits associated with Yoga include improved immunity, stress reliever, improving your brain development, and so on. This may be a discussion for another day. 

Without much ado, allow me to walk you through yoga exercise that helps in height gain. Read through the paragraphs below to get aware of the yoga poses that help to increase height.

  1. Tadasana or Tree Pose

Tadasana is an ideal yoga pose that helps to lengthen and strengthen your spine to increase your height. The tree pose involves moving your hands to help in breathing. It helps to tone the muscles around your chest and also works to strengthen the lungs. Besides lengthening the spine, it can be beneficial to people who have lower back pain.

  1. Surya Namaskar

The asana pose is the sun salutation. It involves 12 poses that are done in a cyclical manner. This helps in muscle gain and stretching the back muscles. You start by placing your feet on the ground while facing the sun. Perform a namaskar using your palms and lift your arms while inhaling. After this, bend forward while exhaling until your chest touches the ground. This should

be done without bending the knees. Raise your head while pushing the left leg forward then followed by your right leg until you lie prostrate on the ground. Relax and repeat the cycle step by step.


  1. Bhujangasana – Cobra Posture

Bhujangasana is a yoga pose also referred to as the Cobra Posture. Lie on your stomach while your toes are stretched out. Keep your legs close and your hands below the shoulders. By exerting some pressure on your hands, lift your chest up. Make sure to balance the pressure you apply on both hands. Having done this, stretch your head back as much as possible.

  1. Sukhasana

yoga to increase height3All the yoga poses originate from this center position called Sukhasana. This is because, the pose helps to control your breathing and tones the lower back and hips thereby helping to decompress the cartilages in those areas. To do the pose, first sit on your mat in a cross-legged position while resting your hands on the knees. The focus of the pose is to enable you control your breathing rate so that you can have deep and paced breaths. Now push your hips to the floor and slowly lower your knees. Take at least five breaths by inhaling when lifting your hands over your head and exhaling while lowering your hands. This should be repeated for five to seven times and should be done steadily.

  1. Ardha Chakrasana – Wheel Pose

Ardha Chakrasana means half a wheel pose, and that’s why this position is also known as the wheel pose. In wheel pose, you have to stand straight with both feet close to each other and your arms on either side. After achieving this position, bend your hands and head backward as much as you can. Bend until you feel the stretch. The poseis difficult to achieve in the first attempt but with time and practice, you’ll get flexible and be able to bend more. In a few attempt, you’ll be able to bend completely backward until you touch the ground with your hands and complete the position.

  1. Parivrtta Trikonasana

This yoga pose is also referred to as the Reverse Triangle Pose. It helps you have a good body balance and gain height. To perform this pose,you have to stand with your legs apart and raise your hands to be in line with your body. Bend to your left and touch the toes with your right hand while lifting the left hand up straight. Hold for a while when looking up. Exhale and repeat the pose on the other side.

The bottom line

The above yoga poses will not only help in gaining height but will also help to keep you fit and healthier. Coupled with other exercises for spine and hips as well as having a balanced diet, you will achieve tremendous results in your height gain journey.


5 Amazing Exercises To Increase Height

Exercises To Increase HeightWho wouldn’t wish to be tall and beautiful? All of us want to. Height plays a crucial role in enhancing and molding the persona of an individual. Height is something envied by many people and most will do anything to increase their height in any way possible. Many acupressure treatment and medicines are claiming to increase height but most have been associated with side effect and also come at a cost that many cannot afford. Moreover, they don’t offer guarantee of success.

Therefore, the best way to increase height is to combine the right exercises with a working diet. These exercises help in strengthening your muscles and making you get that toned body, thereby making your body release the growth hormones that are responsible for gaining height. Eating the right foods keeps these growth hormones active and fresh and also helps in replacing and rebuilding them.


What are the best exercises to Increase height?

  1. Pelvic Shift

This exercise helps your body to stretch in up and down motion of the spine to the hips. It is done when you are lying on your back. Place your arms and shoulders on the floor and firmly support your body. Having done this, bend your knees by drawing your feet close to your buttocks. Draw them as much as you can then arch your back to push your pelvis in the upward motion. Maintain this position for about 20 to 30 seconds. The pelvic shift gives your front hips the much-needed flexibility as it enables you to stretch more.

  1. Bar hanging

This exercise employs the concept of gravity force. It is a known fact that gravity compresses your height by affecting the joints and spines. This squeezes the cartilages thereby making you appear shorter. By hanging on a simple vertical bar, you go against the gravity force helping you to combat this problem. Hanging decreases the pull on your vertebras as well as making your trunk weight stretch the spine. This exercise, if done for some time, increases your height by 1 to 2 inches.

Place a horizontal bar in a position that allows your body to extend and move around. If your body cannot fully extend, you can bend the knees to give yourself room to hang freely. While hanging, keep your hips, shoulders and arms as relaxed as possible. This enables the force of gravity to pull your body effectively. If you want to gain additional benefits, try wearing ankle weights to add on the pull-down force. This exercise should be done 3 times each done for 20 seconds with a break in between.

  1. Hopping With One Leg

This exercise is the simplest exercise you can do; in fact it can be done anywhere or in the course of any activity such as playing in the park, watching TV or any other activity. Hop on your right leg eight times while holding your hand up and then hop on your left foot in the same way. This exercise is beneficial to you as it strengthens the legs, helps in brain development and increase the generation of growth hormones.

  1. Forward Spine Stretch

This exercise helps to increase the flexibility of your spine by stretching it to the limits. Sit up straight on your mat with your feet in front while keeping your legs spaced about shoulder width apart. Place your arms in front of you and bend forward while trying to touch the tips of the toes. Once you achieve this, try stretching even further to stretch your spine to the maximum extent. The forward spine stretch may appear difficult at the start, but you acquire flexibility through regular exercise.

  1. Pilates roll over

This is the best spine exercise to make it stretch to its maximum extent and provide an addition in length to your upper body. This exercise also works on the vertebrae of your neck by stretching it as well, thereby adding a significant length to your height.

You can start by lying straight on your back while placing your along your body sides with your palms facing downward. By keeping your legs intact, lift them straight and then bend them backward making the toes touch the floor. If you can’t touch the floor, don’t worry as with time and practice, you will perfect the exercise. The more you stretch yourself to the limit, the more you increase the length of your spine and your height as well.

Having that in mind, it is important to couple these exercises with a balanced diet to help you achieve the best results and to help your muscles and joints grow to their maximum. A plump body makes you look a lot shorter than usual. Eating the right food and keeping yourself fit will make your feel better and look a bit taller.

Which foods will help to increase your height?

List of Height Increasing Food

  1. Lean protein

Eat plenty of lean protein such as one found in fish, poultry meat, dairy and soy to make your bones healthy and also to increase your muscle growth. Stay away from simple carbohydrates such as cakes, pizza, and soda as they will add your fat levels.


  1. Calcium

Calcium can be gotten from eating green leafy vegetables such as kales and spinach as vitamineDwell as from dairy products such as milk and yogurt. They too help you to have strong and healthy bones.

  1. Zinc

Studies have linked stunted growth in boys to the deficiencies in the zinc. You can get zinc from oysters, pumpkin, white germ, peanut, and crab.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been found to promote muscle growth and healthy bones in children and a deficiency of it has been pointed to be one of the causes of stunted growth and cause weight gain in girls during their teenage years. Get vitamin D from mushrooms, fish, and alfalfa.

The bottom line

The above exercises have been proven to work no matter how old you may be. People have started seeing significant increases in their height after doing them and eating the recommended foods above within a few days. Combine all the exercises and the right foods to get the best results.

To add on the above height increasing exercises and diet, it is very important to get proper sleep. Your body attains growth when you are resting and asleep. In fact, the Human Growth Hormone – a hormone responsible for increasing height is naturally produced when you’re in deep sleep. As a rule, a person must have at least 8 hours of proper sleep every night if they want to increase height.

Don’t go for pills or surgery to increase height; use the above exercises to increase height naturally. Moreover, it will save you millions of dollars you could have spent on surgeries and pills.