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6 Best Male Enhancement Exercises And Food

male enhancement exercisesYou may always try to console yourself that size doesn’t matter, but to tell you the bitter truth, size does matter. Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the causes of strained relationship, and although there are several factors that contribute to sexual dissatisfaction, penis size do play a role in that. A small penis may pose some threats with stamina and sexual pleasure.

If you’re curious about increasing your penis size naturally; both length and girth, male enhancement exercises comes in handy.

Before we check on the male enhancement exercises let’s focus on how the exercises work.

 How the male enhancement exercises work

Penis is the of the most sensitive and delicate organs in your body is the penis. When you get aroused, the brain releases a certain hormone called corpus cavernosa that directs more blood to your penis area. This makes the penile tissue enlarge causing a hard erection.

Male enhancement exercises help to increase your penis size by one to three inches in length by stimulating and manipulating the penis chamber. These penis chambers are responsible for the shaft and length of your penis. The exercises work to expand and stretch these chambers conversely increasing length and girth of your penis to make it long and thick.


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Which are the best male enhancement exercises?

  1. Jelqing

This is an effective natural enhancements exercise that is performed when your penis is not fully erect. The reason for this is that this exercise, if carried out on a completely erect penis, it may cause some injuries. 

Apply enough lubrication to the penis and use your forefinger and the thumb to form an ‘OK’ sign at the base of your penis. Gently squeeze your penis at the base and then pull your forefinger and thumb outward. Stop the exercise when your reach at the penis head and start over again with your other hand. It is recommended you perform a hundred strokes as a beginner and over time, you can increase this to five hundred strokes. 

  1. Ballooning

This exercise is performed when you’re close to ejaculating. When you’re stimulated and close to ejaculate, hold your palm firmly over the penile head to prevent yourself from reaching orgasm. By performing this technique repeatedly can cause the tissues inside the penis to stretch resulting in increased size. 

  1. Stretching

This exercise is performed when your penis is not erect. It should repeatedly be done between 10 to 15 times if you want to get the desired results. Hold your flaccid penis around its head and pull it gently until it’s stretched to the maximum comfortable limit. Do this exercise for about 15 secondsmale enhancement reviews before releasing the stretch. Make sure to shake the penis vigorously after the stretch to relax the penis muscles. You can stretch the penis to the left and to the right during the exercise to help apply the effect on both sides.

  1. Kegels

This exercise helps to strengthen the penis muscle to help it achieve prolonged erection. Kegel exercise requires you first to locate the penile muscles. You can do this by stopping mid-stream when urinating, and locate the muscles that will tighten up. Kegels exercise requires one to tighten the penis muscles using your forefinger and the thumb and hold it for few seconds. Repeat this exercise anytime you urinate.

  1. Penis pump

Penis pumps come in a variety designs having different features. Although penis pump is a mechanical form of penile exercise, the basics of penis pump are the same. A cylinder fitted with either a manual or electric is mounted over the penis. The cylinder, when pumped, creates an artificial vacuum within the cylinder. This decreases the pressure causing the penis tissues to expand and fill with blood. This will help to increase the length of the penis considerably over time.

  1. The backward method

This is a dangerous exercise that will require you to seek professional guides. This exercise is done by pulling the skin of your penis backward using your thumb while the other four fingers hold the down shaft to provide support. Hold this position firmly for ten seconds before having a short break. Do this exercise for five minutes a day and you will achieve the desired results over time.

When you perform the male enhancement exercises correctly and with the needed care, you will get surprising results. If you want to get the desired outcomes even quicker, you can couple the exercises with the following natural male enhancement foods.

  1. Bananas

They are very rich in potassium that helps to regulate nerves, blood pressure, and heartbeat. They contain bromelain enzyme that has been found to increase libido and prevent impotence. Bananas also clear sodium excesses in your body thereby allowing your heart to work efficiently.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is very rich in allicin that increase blood flow to your penis. This in turn allows men to have a harder, firmer, and long-lasting erection. The primary concern when using garlic is the strong odor that can be avoided by taking garlic capsules.

  1. Watermelon

Watermelons are rich in citamin c which helps to improve the body immune system. They also contain citrulline in abundance that helps in relaxing the blood vessels. This helps to increase blood flow throughout the body and penis will not be an exceptional to this. 

  1. Oily fish

Including oily fish in your diet is important as they contain healthy fat and omega-3 fatty acids which increases you blood circulation and are essential for your heart. You can include tuna, salmon, and mackerel in your diet. Besides, these fish help to lower the risk of prostate cancer.

  1. Snails

Snails are rich in Zinc-an antioxidant mineral that can boost your sexual functioning. Zinc presence in snails assists in repairing cells, improving the male reproductive system, and in the production of DNA.

There are lots of foods and natural vitamins that can act as male enhancement natural supplements.

The bottom line

Remember to couple the male enhancement exercises with a proper diet inclusive of the above foods if you intend to have better sexual performance. The exercises should be carried with care to avoid damaging the delicate tissues of the penis.


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Ed Protocol Program Review

ED-ProtocolThe most prevalent problem facing men in this era is the embarrassing problem of erectile dysfunction. It makes a man lose his confidence as a man, as he cannot talk about it freely with anyone. It also complicates a man’s life as he tries to look for a solution to treat the disorder through the various available methods these days. The loss of confidence interferes with their sexual life thereby becoming the starting point of the downfall of their love life. Therefore, actions must be taken to solve this problem of erectile dysfunction once and for all. This is the sole reason that prompted Jason Long to come up with an effective program; ED Protocol that will help restore the manhood in men who have experienced the problem of erectile dysfunction.

What exactly is Ed Protocol Program?

ED Protocol is a program developed by Jason Long curing disorders related to psychological impotence. It is a 100% natural program guiding you on how to cure erectile dysfunction, meaning that it doesn’t have any side effects. Jason made the program easy to follow by employing the use of imagery to make it easy for you to apply and understand. The images will offer techniques, tips, and procedures to follow in order to overcome your mental or psychological erectile dysfunction. Jason made it affordable to many people unlike other mental impotence treatments, thereby saving you thousands of dollars and yet providing the best cure for erectile dysfunction. ED Protocol audio is one of its components, and it guides you for 20 days to get you performing at your best again. 

About the author

Jason Long, a renowned sex researcher, health practitioner, and a speaker with vast knowledge related to common sex disorders is the creative brain behind the ED Protocol. Having suffered for a long time with this problem of erectile dysfunction, Jason began carrying on scientific research to find a cure for this disorder by trying some natural methods. After a long journey of looking for the most effective solution, he managed to find a 100% natural cure for his disorder without having to use any male enhancement pills. He compiled all his findings, techniques and everything he found useful in one program that he called ED Protocol.

How does ED Protocol works?

ED Protocol has detailed all the findings that Jason used when he was looking for the perfect solution to his erectile dysfunction problem. It is a comprehensive and a fact-filled eBook that has the actual findings of his actual research that support the claims that he healed his erectile dysfunction disorder. Having that in mind, you now know what ED Protocol is all about.

What to expect from ED Protocol program; components?

-An in-depth information and analysis of some of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction and Ed Protocol Program Reviewhow you can treat it naturally by use of essential nutrients. All this information is backed by scientific research and has been proven to work. This is explained to you in a step by step tutorial guiding you on what to do as well as the type of foods to eat; all this combined to ultimately treat your erectile dysfunction problem.

-A list of proteins, essential enzymes as well as amino acids that you should include in your daily diet to help in blood supply to your peripheral organs, a factor responsible for a strong and suitable erection.

-Tailored and useful tips and hints to help you adjust your lifestyle and diet in order to make you a man in bed by maintaining her satisfactory level to them maximum in the long run.

Lessons you will derive from ED Protocol

ED Protocol program teaches men on the ways to treat erectile dysfunction as well as other related sexual efficacy and potency problems.

-You will get to learn about the type of diet to follow in your routine life that will help restore your erectile stability.

-ED Protocol will teach you how to treat common and horrific sex-related problems in a natural way. 

-It will teach you on how to handle anxiety and feelings related to sex and help you relax when having sex using highly modern and recommended method.

The pros and cons of ED Protocol program

The Pros

Ed Protocol Program scam-Being natural, ED Protocol is a completely safe program with no side effects. 

-The use of imagery is a plus as it works to guide you well and make you appreciate the program.

-Jason employed a simple English language with no complex phrases and jargons. This has made your work easy as you won’t have a hard time trying to comprehend the meaning of some phrases in the program.

-It is pocket-friendly and quite affordable.

-It is worth the price and also comes with a 6o day money back guarantee in case I fail to appeal to you.


-You can only get the program on the online platform. It is only available in digital format that is a disadvantage to those people who prefer hard copies.

-Being an alternative program, for you to get the best results from the ED Protocol, one is advised to have an open mind.


Having been proven to work, owing to the thousands of positive reviews on the web, there are no panic or doubts about its effectiveness. More so, if you have doubts about whether it will work for you or not, you will have nothing to lose by giving it a trial, as it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. So why not give ED Protocol a trial and be the next success story. Be a little bit optimistic and try this program instead of condemning yourself to pills and medications which offers a temporary solution and ends up digging your pocket deeper each time.

Penis Enlargement Bible Review

Penis Enlargement BibleBesides not being able to take care of his family, one of a man’s greatest fear is not being able to satisfy his partner in bed. You might have all the money and great looks in the world but is you have a small penis, life isn’t so great. The problem is you know it and even if your partner doesn’t say it outright, deep down you know that they wish for more. Let me start by asking? Are you satisfied with the size of your member? If so, you probably should stop reading this review. But if you want to get bigger and longer lasting erections, you should go ahead and read this review. It’s about a penis enlargement program I have used and increased the size of my manhood and best of all, manage to control my ejaculation so both my wife and I are satisfied in bed.

But first, let me briefly tell you my story. 😆 

My name is John Lee. Since I discovered my sexuality during my teen age years, I had had low self esteem and a terrible sex life. Every girl I dated left me because I had a small penis. Fortunately for me I got a good job and eventually married the woman of my dreams. However, I wasn’t confident in bed although my wife assured me that it wasn’t an issue. To me it was. I stumbled upon research about the increasing number of women who cheat on their partners because they aren’t sexually fulfilled. Although I trusted my wife, the thought of her with another man just made me more insecure. I decided to try out a penis enlargement program. At first I tried out everything I could come across. But an increase to 4.5 inches wasn’t enough. Then I came across the Penis Enlargement Bible. To put it simply, The PE Bible helped me increase my length to 7 inches within 2 months. My confidence soared and for my wife, she’s completely transformed. Now I know that my penis size DID matter to her.

Who created the Penis Enlargement Bible

John-Collins-Author-Of-PE BibleJohn Collins is the man who created this program especially for men suffering with low self esteem and a terrible sex life like I once did. He was in a similar position many years back. Like most men, he fell for the gimmicks sold by companies and individuals claiming to help you grow by using pills, exercises and using weird methods. All the methods he tried out failed and some even had side effects. That’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands and do research on penis enlargement. His findings are documented in the Penis Enlargement Bible.

What’s included in the program.

The program comes in the form of a 94 page ebook that details what you need to get bigger down there. Unlike most penis enlargement programs available today, this guide doesn’t involve the use of unsafe and temporary penis enlargement techniques. It’s a safe, two step program that will see you on your way to increasing girth, length and treating premature ejaculation.

Most programs focus on enlarging the penis by use of either internal methods like pills or externally through exercise. The PE Bible focuses on but. However, emphasis goes into getting bigger by using safe methods. In addition, it focuses in triggering the body’s natural ability to make your penis grow bigger. It does this by explaining what nutrition you need to provide your body with the right blend of biochemicals that are responsible for penis growth. Your body has a large amount of these biochemicals during puberty but their production declines as you grow older. By using the guide, you learn how to trigger increased production of these biochemicals and how to ensure that they work in the right places (your member) through exercise.

Here’s what you can expect when you use the Penis Enlargement Bible

– An increase of between 2 and 4 inches length and up to 1 inch increase in girth within 2 months

– Permanent increase in size and control over your ejaculation

– No side effects

The program has helped thousands of men get bigger within a short time. Many have given their video testimonials endorsing the PE Bible as the ultimate penis enlargement program.

How much the PE Bible costsPe Bible Scam

This program costs $47. Along with the guide, John is generous enough to provide two free bonuses which will help you get bigger faster and also help you add some spice to your sex life. All products are available for download immediately you place your order.

Ease of use

One great thing about this program is that it’s written in simple plain English. It goes straight to the point in explaining what you need to do to get bigger. It’s also divided into sections which include nutrition, exercises and steps to take to treat erectile dysfunction naturally. You can therefore jump to any section of interest at will.

How long before you get results

The PE Bible promises between 2 and 4 inches increase in length and up to 1 inch increase in PE Bible PDFgirth within 2 months. I had a 2.5 increase in length within 2 months and about 1.5 increase in girth within the same time. From customer testimonials, it takes an average of between 4 weeks and 8 weeks to start seeing results. If you don’t experience the results you expect, John offers a 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

Advantages of the PE Bible

– Guaranteed increase in both length and girth

– Safe and natural way to increase member size with no side effects

– Treat ED permanently

– Increase ejaculation volume

– Better overall health achieved through recommended nutrition

– More confidence in bed

– A happy partner

– Immediate access to the program upon placing your order

– Help from John Collins through email correspondence


– Only available in ebook format

– Price might change soon


If you are among the billions if men who suffer from low self esteem due to their small penis, you can do something about it. Rather than watch your money go down the drain by using ineffective and unsafe penis enlargement methods, you have a safe and proven program in the Penis Enlargement Bible. It has helped thousands of men regain their goals in terms of size and control over their ejaculation. You can also get the size you want within a matter of a few weeks using this program. You have nothing to lose except your low self esteem and small manhood. Click here and order your copy of the Penis Enlargement Bible today.