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Does Sleeping Make You TallerDoes Sleeping Make You Taller?

Ever heard your mom say that you should get to bed early so that you can grow faster? I guess you have. Well, having a restful moment of sleep is a very vital factor for healthy growth. Doctors recommend that a person should sleep for at least 7 or more hours at night. so, does sleeping make you taller? You will be surprised to learn that your body regenerates more tissues when you are at rest than when you are asleep. Our precious brain releases a hormone, Human Growth Hormone, which accelerates our body growth rate. As a result, if you lack enough sleep, your body release a low amount of HGH leading to low body growth rate.

Apart from the hormone, there are other factors that make you grow taller at night than in the morning. People argue that gravity works on you when standing and less while sleeping. The presence of gravitational force in the day leads to the compression of your bones and muscles as well as the Does Sleeping Make Tallervertebral disks. At night, little gravitational force works on you and as a result, you grow taller and hence the increased height.

Others explain that emotional effects affect height. How do we stand when we are tired or when we are embarrassed? You hunch your shoulders, right? However, while sleeping, these emotions sink because sleep makes them too. Your height can now increase

How about when your vertebral disks are hydrated? You will be amazed to learn that at night, your vertebral disks drink some water because there is less gravitational force working on them. This makes them become a bit plumper. The result is that you become taller.

Have you ever noticed that your muscles have imbalances in daytime than at night? Normally, if you have scoliosis, your body becomes a little twisted. Now, I don’t mean that you develop scoliosis in the daytime. But to be open, often your muscles of the back may be in a contracted position. This makes the body shrink. Other body muscles like the abdominal muscles might be somewhat weak affecting the body height as the other opposing body muscles will be a bit contracted too. On the contrary, when asleep, the contracture is unlikely, and hence, height will increase.

It’s important to know that, people who sleep on their back without a pillow have a potential to grow taller than those that don’t. Is that strange? Well, it’s simple. When lying in the back position with your head, a bit raised, the gravitational force works on the spinal column, which offers you a better posture allowing Does Sleeping Make you grow Talleryou to stand taller. Some people can’t just sleep with a pillow, but you can make it a process. You can start with a smaller pillow until you get used to sleeping without one. It is also vital to sleep on a firm flat mattress. Who would want to sleep on a weak mattress that makes them change sleeping positions every time at night? Don’t forget to make sleeping comfortable especially in the first 3 hours of your sleep as these are very critical.

Additionally, some factors contribute to better sleep. Just to mention few, you should avoid an environment that interferes with your sleep like for instance noise. Lastly but very important, form a habit of taking chamomile before retiring to bed. The chamomile contributes to a better sleep than coffee.

A better sleep results in increased height!

John Lee

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