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Does Stretching Make You Taller? Here Are Our Findings

Does Stretching Make You Taller

Does Stretching Make You Taller? 

Does stretching make you taller? This is one of the most common notions that lots of people question today. Stretching involves various body exercises that are thought to increase the bone length and consequently the entire body height. However, increasing the bone length is anatomically impossible. What possibly may happen is stretching the extensor muscles near the bones but no bone stretching happens. A simple example would be stretching the arm. Here, you stretch the arm, but the arms tend to lock in an outward fashion. Therefore, there is no ‘pulling that occurs’. Precisely, there is no evidence that shows that you can grow taller by stretching. However, some people have a poor posture that makes them look short. This can be rectified by doing specific stretching exercises that boost a great posture. Poor postures come as a result of diseases, dormant lifestyle or even poor working conditions. This results in weak muscles that cannot support the bones and hence the poor posture. It is evident that people become taller through practicing various exercises like yoga. 

What happens is that there are joints between the bones. The joints can vary in size. Being shorter comes as a result of compressing them. When expanded, you become taller. This is strange but very true. However, the reason you may not notice the increase in height is because the increase is very small. In most adults, the height increase is about 2 inches. 

There are some of the most effective exercises that may improve your posture and height.

  1. Mountain pose

This is one of the best stretches to improve your height. This brings the joints into their proper alignment as well as stretching your spine. This brings the muscle memory that you need to develop a proper posture. With the mountain pose keeps your hip width apart. Your weight should be centered on the corners of your feet. Ensure that your lower abdomen can support the back. Keep your shoulders relaxed and lift the crown of the head. Practice this often for results.

  1. Standing forward fold

Do you need to stretch your hamstrings and to elongate your spine? This is the best exercise for you. Keep your Hip width apart then place your hands on the floor with your body forward. Relax your shoulders and your head while facing your gazing at your navel. Ensure that your knees are bended so that your stomach can rest on them. Make this a routine. 

  1. Bridge stretch

This exercise is meant to make your back flexible. It is the opposite of touch your toes’. It involves lying on the back with your hands down. Try lifting the torso from the hips to stretch the back.

  1. Upward facing dog

This will open the front side of the body. By this, your chest expands as well as your pectoral muscle. Have you ever seen people who keep their chest inside with their shoulders rounded? Well, this is perhaps meant for them. Keep your body straight, your toes well placed on the ground then stack your shoulders on the wrists. You can try this at the high plank, at the mid and low plank. Stretch your chest and engage your quadriceps.


There are various exercises that can boost your posture. Have you attained your maximum height yet? You just need to avoid poor body postures.

Finally, keep in mind that, stretching doesn’t increase height, it aids in attaining the correct body posture.

John Lee

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