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5 Amazing Exercises To Increase Height

Exercises To Increase HeightWho wouldn’t wish to be tall and beautiful? All of us want to. Height plays a crucial role in enhancing and molding the persona of an individual. Height is something envied by many people and most will do anything to increase their height in any way possible. Many acupressure treatment and medicines are claiming to increase height but most have been associated with side effect and also come at a cost that many cannot afford. Moreover, they don’t offer guarantee of success.

Therefore, the best way to increase height is to combine the right exercises with a working diet. These exercises help in strengthening your muscles and making you get that toned body, thereby making your body release the growth hormones that are responsible for gaining height. Eating the right foods keeps these growth hormones active and fresh and also helps in replacing and rebuilding them.


What are the best exercises to Increase height?

  1. Pelvic Shift

This exercise helps your body to stretch in up and down motion of the spine to the hips. It is done when you are lying on your back. Place your arms and shoulders on the floor and firmly support your body. Having done this, bend your knees by drawing your feet close to your buttocks. Draw them as much as you can then arch your back to push your pelvis in the upward motion. Maintain this position for about 20 to 30 seconds. The pelvic shift gives your front hips the much-needed flexibility as it enables you to stretch more.

  1. Bar hanging

This exercise employs the concept of gravity force. It is a known fact that gravity compresses your height by affecting the joints and spines. This squeezes the cartilages thereby making you appear shorter. By hanging on a simple vertical bar, you go against the gravity force helping you to combat this problem. Hanging decreases the pull on your vertebras as well as making your trunk weight stretch the spine. This exercise, if done for some time, increases your height by 1 to 2 inches.

Place a horizontal bar in a position that allows your body to extend and move around. If your body cannot fully extend, you can bend the knees to give yourself room to hang freely. While hanging, keep your hips, shoulders and arms as relaxed as possible. This enables the force of gravity to pull your body effectively. If you want to gain additional benefits, try wearing ankle weights to add on the pull-down force. This exercise should be done 3 times each done for 20 seconds with a break in between.

  1. Hopping With One Leg

This exercise is the simplest exercise you can do; in fact it can be done anywhere or in the course of any activity such as playing in the park, watching TV or any other activity. Hop on your right leg eight times while holding your hand up and then hop on your left foot in the same way. This exercise is beneficial to you as it strengthens the legs, helps in brain development and increase the generation of growth hormones.

  1. Forward Spine Stretch

This exercise helps to increase the flexibility of your spine by stretching it to the limits. Sit up straight on your mat with your feet in front while keeping your legs spaced about shoulder width apart. Place your arms in front of you and bend forward while trying to touch the tips of the toes. Once you achieve this, try stretching even further to stretch your spine to the maximum extent. The forward spine stretch may appear difficult at the start, but you acquire flexibility through regular exercise.

  1. Pilates roll over

This is the best spine exercise to make it stretch to its maximum extent and provide an addition in length to your upper body. This exercise also works on the vertebrae of your neck by stretching it as well, thereby adding a significant length to your height.

You can start by lying straight on your back while placing your along your body sides with your palms facing downward. By keeping your legs intact, lift them straight and then bend them backward making the toes touch the floor. If you can’t touch the floor, don’t worry as with time and practice, you will perfect the exercise. The more you stretch yourself to the limit, the more you increase the length of your spine and your height as well.

Having that in mind, it is important to couple these exercises with a balanced diet to help you achieve the best results and to help your muscles and joints grow to their maximum. A plump body makes you look a lot shorter than usual. Eating the right food and keeping yourself fit will make your feel better and look a bit taller.

Which foods will help to increase your height?

List of Height Increasing Food

  1. Lean protein

Eat plenty of lean protein such as one found in fish, poultry meat, dairy and soy to make your bones healthy and also to increase your muscle growth. Stay away from simple carbohydrates such as cakes, pizza, and soda as they will add your fat levels.


  1. Calcium

Calcium can be gotten from eating green leafy vegetables such as kales and spinach as vitamineDwell as from dairy products such as milk and yogurt. They too help you to have strong and healthy bones.

  1. Zinc

Studies have linked stunted growth in boys to the deficiencies in the zinc. You can get zinc from oysters, pumpkin, white germ, peanut, and crab.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been found to promote muscle growth and healthy bones in children and a deficiency of it has been pointed to be one of the causes of stunted growth and cause weight gain in girls during their teenage years. Get vitamin D from mushrooms, fish, and alfalfa.

The bottom line

The above exercises have been proven to work no matter how old you may be. People have started seeing significant increases in their height after doing them and eating the recommended foods above within a few days. Combine all the exercises and the right foods to get the best results.

To add on the above height increasing exercises and diet, it is very important to get proper sleep. Your body attains growth when you are resting and asleep. In fact, the Human Growth Hormone – a hormone responsible for increasing height is naturally produced when you’re in deep sleep. As a rule, a person must have at least 8 hours of proper sleep every night if they want to increase height.

Don’t go for pills or surgery to increase height; use the above exercises to increase height naturally. Moreover, it will save you millions of dollars you could have spent on surgeries and pills.


John Lee

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