10 Easy Exercises To Jump Higher

exercises to jump higher You don’t require years of training, special footwear, or a rocket science studies to have an improvement on the vertical jump at home. You just need a few simple exercises coupled with a dedication to jump higher in your given sport. If you’re an athlete who is involved in an individual or team sport, you’re most likely to rely on the strength of your leg to excel well in your given sport; be it football, basketball. Volleyball, baseball, soccer, etc. There are times you’ll find yourself in a situation where a higher jump could have helped you avoid getting scored or score. Increasing the strength of your leg and your vertical leap can be a pretty easy task with right exercises. With the following exercises to jump higher, you’ll be able to outdo and out-rebound your opponents in the cereal aisle and on the jumps in just a few weeks.

  1. Weightlifting

Lifting considerably weights is a very effective way to increase your vertical leap. Myths will mislead you by blinding you that weight lifting makes you slow. This is a complete lie! For you to jump higher, you have to be able to carry your body weight up into the air. The stronger the body muscles are, the easier it is to carry your body into the air. Therefore, if you want to increase the vertical inches when you jump, lift more weights. 

However, you must be aware of the weight training that you’re performing as some may limit your vertical leap or even lower your vertical jump distance than you’re doing now. One big mistake many athletes make is to lift wrong weights and also do incorrect lifts.

  1. Calf raises

Many gyms are fitted with a seated calf raise machine that is solely built for one purpose; to give exercises to jump higher  2you amazing calves. To do this exercise, place your feet on the platform and place the knees under the bar. After releasing the safety, now raise the legs using the balls of the feet. This exercise is not meant to build your muscles, unlike other exercises you may do in the gym. The important thing to note is that, jumping is all about the explosion, so it will be advantageous if you maximize on repletion and less weight. 

  1. Jumping rope

To do this exercise, you just need a skipping rope. If you don’t have one, any piece of string will do just fine. You can also jump up and down without bending the knees if you can’t access the rope and you’ll still achieve the best results. Jumping rope exercise involves holding a rope with both hands and swinging it continuously around your body.

  1. Squats

In addition to doing exercises like presses, leg curls, and hamstrings lifts, squats are the best exercises to do if you intend to build core and leg strength. To do the squats in the best way, it is best to get some guides from a professional at the gym. By doing squats the wrong way can cause hamstrings injuries, therefore, don’t take chances. It is recommended to start with light weights of about half your body weight, with the bar included. Try to do between 6-8 squats and if the weight is too light for you, add a few more lbs. Do it in a slow descent and rise motion with each round taking 4 seconds to complete. Make sure to keep your head up and your back straight throughout the entire exercise.

  1. Jumping over a stationary object

This is an excellent and practical exercise to help you harness the explosive power. By jumping over an object such as a playground box or bench, you’ll have provided yourself with a physical marker to surpass. Do at least ten jumps in 10 minutes this means that you attempt a new jump for every minute.

  1. Hurdles

These exercises are similar to the jumps over an obstacle exercise and them too, allow you to practice your leap. Place eight flights of hurdles spaced at two feet from each other, and aim to jump over each of them as high as you can. Repeat this exercise 10 times- keeping in mind that one eight hurdles equal to one time. It is recommended that you carry out this exercise twice per week. 


exercises to jump higher

  1. Jump

Sometimes you just need to jump, jump and jump. This exercise is all about practicing a vertical leap to familiarize yourself with the movement itself.

  1. Plyometric exercises

While weight lifting will make your body stronger, plyometric exercises will make you quick and make your muscles fibers twitch faster. These exercises work on your quickness by making your twitch fibers more flexible and fast. This enables you to explode into the air faster and higher. There are different types of plyometric exercises that you can do to help increase your vertical leap. One leg jumps, box jumps, and lateral box jumps are some of the best plyometric exercises that you can do.

  1. 4-corners

This involves having an imaginary four dots in a square shape of 15-20 inches apart. To complete this exercise, you have to hop around the squares while landing on each dot in a clockwise direction for the required number of repetition. By completing the four jumps round, equal’s one repetition.

  1. Toe raises

While regularly standing, raise up on your tips of the toes. Don’t rock up and down but lower down steadily-don’t do it too slowly. This can be done effectively by use of stairs if you can access them. 

The bottom line

Remember that the height of your jump is directly proportional to the overall strength of your leg. Conditioning can be more crucial in your agility than strength training; therefore it’s more important to pay close attention to you abdominal muscles as this are the core engines to any athletes. The above exercises are easy to do, and very few of them will require expertise to learn them. Help your team and yourself with the above valuable assets to get more rebounds, steals, and blocks. This can make your game a lot more fun and also it will boost your confidence and enthusiasm. With proper training, increasing the vertical jump is something you’ll find it pretty easy to achieve.

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John Lee