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Top 3 Best Food to Increase Height

food to increase height

Did you know that most of us do not attain our maximum height possible? Thanks to Poor eating habits and behaviors that inhibit the ability of our bodies to grow. The possible things that inhibit height increase are, smoking, alcohol, Lack of exercise among others. Short people tend to have low self-confidence and tend to appear and feel inferior among taller people. Proper nutrition can help you increase your height even after you have undergone puberty. Increase in height is brought about by Human Growth Hormone(HGH). This means you should feed on foods that release the hormone.

Here is the List of best food to increase height:


Proteins to increase heighThese are commonly known as Bodybuilding foods. They are composed of amino acids that work hand in hand with the growth hormones and also play a crucial role in maintaining your bones, organs, skin, teeth, and tissues healthy. Amino acids are also enzymatic and as a result, stimulate the biochemical reactions, for instance, Digestion, excretion, and respiration. Protein deficiency can be the source of major health problems such as abnormal growth, poor mental development, and muscle mass loss without forgetting making your immune system weak. 

Proteins that will add you height include:

  • Oatmeal: this is a plant protein that helps to decrease fat while increasing muscles. 50 grams a day will help your body grow.
  • Soybeans: these contain very high protein content, in fact, the highest in all vegetarian foods. Take 50 grams of soybeans to increase you height.
  • Milk: it contains a high content of calcium that is essential for growth and maintenance of healthy bones hence boosting your height.
  • Eggs: the white albumen contained in eggs is all protein. Taking 3 to 6 eggs will increase your height. 

Replacing energy foods with body building foods like eggs and milk will be a crucial step in increasing your height.


Vitamins to increase heightVitamins are essential in helping the absorption of calcium and its formation together with phosphorus in your bones. The nutrients are therefore necessary for growth and are hence recommended for children. Lack of vitamin D, causes bones weakness, cramps in adults, slow growth, swollen legs, wrong teeth formation in children and abdomen bulge. Vitamins A help in the development of bones and tissues. Vitamin A is found in spinach, cabbages, sweet potatoes, broccoli, pumpkins, carrots, and the list is endless. Vitamin c plays the role of increasing your height by helping in the growth of healthy bones

Starches and grains also act as primary sources of vitamin B apart from acting as energy giving foods.


The body requires many minerals for the essential growth of bones, hair, nails, teeth, and nerves. They are vital in increasing your height. These minerals include:

  • Minerals to increase heightZinc: it helps in the production of cells, energy production, and growth and repair of tissues. With all these functions, it’s evident that zinc will help increase your height. You can get zinc from goods like beef, chicken, milk, nuts and whole grain products. 
  • Calcium: this mineral is known for its vital roles in bone and teeth formation, balancing the body ion. Daily intake of 800-1,000 mg is the recommended intake for good results. Coral calcium, obtained from sea corals helps to increase bone mass, causing them to grow in length. Parents should provide their children with calcium for increased height. Calcium is found in foods like, cheese, yogurt, eggs, and milk. Calcium is one of the best proven foods to increase height.

Other minerals useful for increasing your height includes magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and iron.


Fruits, in particular, dried figs and bananas that are rich in calcium and phosphorous together with custard apple and vitamin D, which can be obtained from sunbathing will increase your height. The combination works best. However, combining various fruits and vegetables will ensure that your body receives all possible nutrients required in the process of gaining height.

Important rules:Important rules to increase height

  • Eat at least five times a day.
  • Eat fruits every day.
  • Drink the recommended amount of water daily (At least six glasses)
  • Eat starchy meals especially after a heavy exercise.
  • Get enough sleep.


Food without exercise or exercises with no food is unhealthy. This means that for good results, the two go hand in hand. Participating in activities that will stretch your bones and muscles will encourage the release of human growth hormone important for increase in height. Instead of using drugs to increase your height, these foods will naturally increase your height.

They say that height is as a cause of genetics but maximizing your nutritional effort should be helpful to you.

John Lee

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