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Simple Home Remedies To Increase Height Naturally

tips to increase HeightWant to grow taller? Then the solution just lies with you. Height is an important factor that dictates your personality and various things. Although being short doesn’t mean that your capabilities are undermined, it’s a fact that tall people are more attractive and often become a center of attention. Short people face certain difficulties in various aspects of their lives such as being disadvantaged when it comes to certain professions. It is pretty unfortunate that even good, talented and qualified individuals get ignored because of not possessing the standard height.

What can you do if height is not in your favor? Here are several tips to increase height naturally.

Having proper sleep

It goes without saying that we should have adequate sleep or rest to enable our body organs, bones and tissues to recover, repair and grow. Our bodies grow and regenerate tissues when we’re asleep because that’s when the Human Growth Hormone is produced in plenty. As a rule of the thumb, we ought to have at least 8 hours of sleep, if we want to increase our height. Teenagers have to sleep for 8 to 11 hours of sleep to enable them grow normally and achieve maximum height. To have a restful sleep, take a bath before retiring to bed. Having proper sleep is the definite answer when it comes to increasing your height.

Proper diet and nutrition

Make it a habit to have a balanced diet if you want to add extra inches to your height. Eat plenty of Vitamins and proteins in your diet. These can be obtained from liver, potatoes, dairy products, nuts, chicken, beans, fruits, green vegetables, and fruits such as bananas and apples. A well-balanced diet that is rich in calcium, iodine, magnesium and phosphorus play a vital role when it comes to increasing your height. To ensure that the body assimilates all this nutrients and mineral, it is better to refrain from eating junk foods as they interfere with the absorption of nutrients and minerals needed Increase-Height-After-20for our growth and height increase. To get protein, amino acids, carbohydrates and calcium-essential for height gain, make the above foods a daily part of your meals.

The importance of calcium is to develop the body and to make the bones grow. Nutrients and minerals, on the other hand, make our bones and cartilages stronger and also maintain them. In addition to eating a balanced diet, drink at least 8 ounces of glasses of water a day to detoxify your body. 

Avoid pills and supplements

There’re numerous products on the market today that promise increase of height instantly. The plain truth is that you cannot gain height in an overnight .You have to eat healthy, exercise and have enough sleep. Avoid these artificial products that promise height increase as they adversely affect your health. Most of them aren’t regulated and can be dangerous to your health  😥 .

Engage in sporting and regular exercises

Playing your favorite sport and engaging in regular exercises are one of the best ways to increase height. Children and teenagers should be allowed to remain physically active to help them grow taller. Even if you’re passed the age of 18, you can still add a few inches to your height before the growth plates close and become dormant. This can be achieved by having regular exercises and participating in sports in order to stimulate growth hormones. When coupled with adequate sleep and healthy diet, exercising can help one add a few inches to their frame. Some of the best sports and exercises that can help one grow taller include:

Hanging exercises– this is done by hanging from a horizontal bar with your hands wide-stretched. Make this a routine and within a short time you’ll note a slight change in height increase. Maintain this position for 10 seconds before going for a break. hanging-on-bar-to-increase-height

Swimming– this acts as an all-around body workout and is a great sport to engage in for those people who want to increase height. Swimming elongates your muscles, and if started at an early age, it’ll help individuals hit their maximum height. Swim for at least 2 hours four days a week.

Rope jumping-it may seem a fun game for kids, but it can be a very good exercise for people who wish to grow taller. It causes the calves on your knees to expand vertically. Constant bending of knees brings an addition of muscles in lower legs, which help in adding a few inches to your height.


Getting taller isn’t impossible especially if you’re in your late teenage years or early twenties. Start living a healthy life, with proper sleep, exercises, and proper nutrition and watch your body grow and height increase. The above tips to increase height will definitely help you in your journey to growing taller.

John Lee

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