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How To Grow Taller After Puberty


How To Grow Taller After Puberty

How To Grow Taller After Puberty

There’s a close relationship between height and puberty. It is at this age that most teenage attain the highest growth rate. Therefore, after passing this stage majority the question “how to grow taller after puberty” starts creeping in. But worry no more as sometimes you can grow taller even after passing the puberty stage. The velocity and timing of everybody growth is different from individual to individual and is determined by nutrition, growth plates of the body, and gender.

How to grow taller after puberty is one of the most asked questions. This is because; majority believes that one stops growing after puberty. However, although majority experience robust growth at puberty age, it has nothing with halting the growth rate of an individual. Recently, scientists, nutritionists, and professionals have proven that one can gain height regardless of their age at home by building a  home gym, as long as they follow proper methods and nutrition.

Everybody has their growth patterns, and that’s why you shouldn’t get worried much because your peers grew taller at a faster rate than you. There are several factors that bring variations between individuals when it comes to increasing in height. Some of these reasons include:

Range of development

Most of the girls enter puberty at the age of 11 years, two years before boys. The growth rate at this age depends on growth potential and pre-pubertal height. Girls on average attain their maximum height at the age of 15-17 years while boys at the age of 17-19. This range represents a rough estimate because of variations in growth potential, nutrition, and genetic makeup.

Growth plate’s power

Simply because a person reaches sexual maturity, which is normally the end of puberty, doesn’t mean their body has stopped growing. The growth plates in male stay active two years longer than females. how to increase height after PubertyThis explains why a kid who had stagnated at a certain height through high school can suddenly rocket in height a few years later.

Human growth hormone

Teenagers having active pituitary glands are likely to experience longer periods of growth because of increased production of HGH. This is the hormone that activates the growth plates to expand. 

The above factors explain why individuals have different growth patterns, and why some can develop a bit early or late than others. However, you can accelerate your height increment by having a specific diet, conducting proper exercises, and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

The following tips will help you grow taller after the puberty years.

Sleeping Therapy

Researchers suggest that teens and people who want to grow taller need at least 8 hours of sleep a day. To ensure that you get enough and uninterrupted sleep, make your sleeping environment as comfortable as possible and also eliminate the noises and excessive direct light. If you’ve got trouble getting sleep, take a hot bath before going to bed and also take a cup of tea.

The Human Growth Hormone is secreted naturally by the pituitary gland during slow waves of sleep. That’s why you’re encouraged to give pituitary glands enough time to secrete enough HGH to facilitate and accelerate the increase in height during and after puberty. Yu can also consult with your doctor to give you oral administration of growth hormone. Avoid buying non-prescribed pills or creams that claim to boost your HGH. They may have unknown side effects. 

Proper nutrition

Getting all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals can help one grow to their maximum height. Consume a balanced diet with enough calories to give your body energy to grow. Other nutrients you need to look out for include;

  • Vitamin D: this helps bones and muscles grow. A deficiency of the same causes stunted. You can obtain vitamin C by spending enough time in the morning or even sun, in fish and also in mushrooms. If you aren’t a fan of fish, you can opt to take purified fish oil supplement.
  • Calcium: prevent osteoporosis and also promotes the growth of bones. Calcium can be obtained from green vegetables and dairy products.
  • Zinc: a deficiency of this mineral will cause retarded growth in youngsters. While zinc can be found in many foods such as peanuts, eggs, peas, chocolate, and peas, having zinc supplements will be the best way to ensure that your body gets the needed amount
  • Proteins: this is an essential building block for your muscles and bones. At least one meal in a day should contain an adequate source of protein, such as egg, tofu, meat, or beans.

Eating well make your body develop a strong immune system to so that it can be able to fight diseases that may interfere with height gain. Supplement your diet with vegetables, fruits, whole grains and other healthy foods. Avoid junk foods at all cost if you want to add extra inches to your vertical height.

Performing exercises that stimulate your growth plates and spine to expand

There’re exercises that have been scientifically proven to help one increase height even after puberty. They are also referred to as stretching exercises. Some of the most effective exercises to increase height include:

Vertical hanging

this is done by fixing a horizontal bar at least 7 feet above the ground such that when you hang on there, increase height Pubertyyour feet will be 4-6 inches from the ground. Hold the bar and hang on there for as long as you can. You can swing back and forth in a slow motion. This elongates and flexes the spine so that it can expand and conversely add few inches to your height.

Ankle weights

this exercise is meant to work on your lower body.It elongates the cartilages of your ankle to increase their length. Sit on a higher ground or chair and add weight to your ankle. Allow your legs to carry the pressure of the weight. You can go on increasing the weight when you get used to a particular weight.

Forward spine stretch

 Sit up on the floor with your legs extended with your feet flexed. Spread your hands straight and slowly bend forward. Maintain in this position for 10-15 seconds.

Cobra stretch

This is a yoga exercise that is intended to stretch your neck vertebrae and spine to make it flexible and supple. This makes the cartilage between the vertebrae grow and thereby increasing your vertical posture. Perform the exercise with greater care not to injure your spine. Just lie on your floor mat face increase heightdown with your arms directly under the shoulders. After this, arch your spine up as far as you leading with your spin. Do it as long as you much as you can as long as you don’t feel pain.


Pedaling a bicycle will help you grow taller. To benefit from cycling, you need to maintain a proper posture. This will help you add a few inches to your vertical height. You also need to adjust the cycle seat to be a little higher so that you can stretch your legs as you pedal.

Other exercises you can do include Pilates roll over, swimming.


To increase height, you have to get enough sleep, have proper nutrition, and perform exercises that’ll help you increase height. How to grow taller after puberty will now be an answered question after following the above tips.

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