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Using Factors That Help stop growing taller?

stop increase heightThe question “how to stop growing taller?” is not commonly asked as most people would prefer to grow a bit taller than they are now. However, most girls out there may not want to grow so tall to the extent that they surpass the height of most men. It’s important to learn things that may stop one from growing taller so that he/she can choose whether to avoid them or emphasize on them depending on your situation.

There are certain factors that determine a person overall height growth. While genetics and gender may be the biggest influencers of height, there’re also several other factors that may affect the height of an individual. Several calculators predict how tall a person will grow by the time they reach adulthood, but none of them is 100% accurate. If only we knew the exact height we would grow to, we would have taken important precautions to improve our height or control it.

The following will enlighten you on some of the factors that may affect your height. Some we have control over them while others are beyond us. 


Gender is a great influencer of height, and it plays a significant role in the height a child will grow to be.stop gain height Generally, Women will grow to heights that are shorter than men. However, there are instances when the female child will outgrow their male counterparts in terms of height. A good way to determine the height a child will be is to look at both their father and mother and what their heights are. Many a times, the child will grow to a height that will be close to the height of dad and mom. A female child could surpass her mother’s height, especially if her father is significantly taller than the mother. In the same way, the male child could be shorter than his father if his mother is shorter than the father. The genetic factors in a family may play a role in the overall height development of the child and that’s why it’s important to consider the grandparents of both maternal and paternal side when determining how tall your kid will grow. Gender, being a factor that determines height is a factor you can’t control.


Diet may not have a lot of weight when it comes to influencing the height of individual, but it plays a part in growth and development. However, a diet that is nutritionally disadvantaged can easily interfere with the height of an individual. A child should be given a balanced diet to enable them reach their full become tallerheight. A child should not be eating a diet rich in saturated fats, sodium, and much sugary content. They should be fed with a diet rich in all the essential minerals and vitamins. Also, calcium and irons are crucial for their bodies to ensure development of healthy joints and bones. Most children are suffering from sub-nutrition. This is different from malnutrition. Sub nutrition is where the child is eating enough foods, but he/she isn’t eating the right foods. They don’t achieve their full height.

Therefore, if you want to stop or prevent your body from growing taller, take a diet rich in carbohydrates. This will make you gain weight and size. When the HGH starts concentrating on increasing your weight, it won’t dwell much on your height. However, you have to take the recommended amount of all the other nutrients and minerals to avoid malnutrition. 

Genetic makeup

Children borrow their genetic makeup, commonly known as DNA, from both their mother and father. A Genetic makeup to stop grow tallerchild may take specific traits from either of the parents, but he/she share equal genes from his/her father and mother. A child may borrow personal traits from one parent and other factors like outward appearance from the other parent. But all the genes will combine, and it will be difficult to tell which genes came from which parent. Genetic makeups are very complex, and they can even show up in the generation later. Genes of both parents determine the height of the child.

This is something you can’t control. If both your parents are tall, there’s a possibility that you’ll end up being taller than them or slightly shorter to them if not equal.

Physical exercises

Physical exercisesto stop grow tallerHeight is determined by physical activity to some extent. If one fails to have a proper amount of physical activity, then there’s a possibility that they won’t attain their maximum height. Lack of enough physical exercise makes one add weight. Height and weight rarely go hand in hand. Therefore, if a child is slim, he/she is likely to grow taller than a child who has packed on weight. Also, a lack of enough physical exercises prevents the bones and muscles from developing.

Therefore, if you want to control your height gain, you need to reduce your physical exercises if you’re doing them in excess especially the stretching exercises. Be conducting exercises that pack muscles and those that make your body compact. 

Pituitary secretion

The pituitary gland is responsible for growth and development in the body. The more Human Growth Hormone secreted, the more your body grows. During the early teenage years, the HGH induces an increase in height. But once the growth plates have closed, the pituitary glands now start inducing horizontal body development. 

pituitary gland to stop growing taller

At times, the pituitary gland may have a disorder thereby ending up releasing a larger amount of growth hormone resulting in abnormal height increase. It’s important to see your doctor if you experience this kind of things. Controlling the amount of HGH secreted by pituitary gland can solve your problem of excessive height gain. Consult with your doctor for a solution to that.


This may seem out of order, but posture can make you lose up to 1-2 inches of your height. If you start to stoop your body when walking, then your body may fail to add some inches to its height. This is because; you’ll be bending the spine, and it’s one of the places that have growth plates. Maintaining an upright posture will make you grow taller as the growth plates will be free to expand.

The bottom line

The reality is that it isn’t easy to control height. The only sure thing that will stop you from adding extra height is when your growth plates will close. The best thing to do if you feel your height is beyond the normal height is to accept yourself. Because, as a matter of fact, you’ll live tall the way you’re. There’s no single time you’ll become short. But you can try to control the further growth of height by using some of the above tips on “how to stop growing taller?” that will apply to you.

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