Pound Melter Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Pound MelterPound Melter is a weight loss program detailing simple, step by step procedure to help you lose 28+ pounds in one month, by simply observing a diet that reduces your body temperature.

What is Pound Melter?

Pound Melter is a program created by Paul Sanders to assist in weight loss. It claims to activate the dark fat cells in the body by observing some dietary prescription that lowers you internal body temperature. This approach earned this program the phrase ‘cold eating plan’.

Pound Melter guarantees the loss of 28 pounds of fat or even more in one month after you begin applying it. It neither limits individuals from eating rich foods or sweet content nor does it even involve exercises or over-the-counter drugs or any prescription.

It also claims to help burn calories 400 times faster, thereby reducing your risk of cancer, stroke, diabetes, and heart diseases. This also enables one to battle free radicals in the body thus making you look younger and more energized. All these are claims put forward by Paul Sanders.pound mitler scam

The program has been used by over 88,000 people across the U.S. all claiming to have obtained positive results in their journey of losing weight and living healthier. All this has been achieved by a technique invented by Paul of activating dark fat cells which happen after subscribing to a particular diet. The surprising thing about Pound Melter is that it helps in maintaining your body balance perfectly, according to Paul.

Let’s face the truth here, this sounds too good to be real. If this were the case, it would make headlines and appear on the front pages of all print media across the globe. In simple terms, this translates to losing a pound a day by simply lowering your internal temperature by half a degree.

Therefore, let’s focus on some Pound Melter claims by doing an in-depth analysis of the same.

What are these dark fat cells?

There were no specific references to dark fat cells when we did an online search of them. However, the searches revealed a tissue known as the brown adipose tissue whose core function is to generate body heat to non-shivering animals and newborns.

A study done in 2009 revealed that these fat cells could assist in weight loss, as the brown fat takes normal fat calories and burns it. The scientists were able to stimulate the growth of brown fat in mice but not in human beings, although experiments on human beings have not yet begun.

While further researches might expound on what dark fat cells are in the future, an achievement that might provide a breakthrough in weight loss, no concrete evidence can prove that it can help humans to losing weight at the moment.

Relationship between lowering body temperature and weight loss

Whether dark fat cells can assist in weight loss or not, one thing can stand out here; it is evident that colder temperatures can increase your metabolism rate. Although this evidence is related to several things put together on the theory that it is described in.

Health is not just about weight

Even if the dark fat cells were to help with weight loss, eating whatever you want would cause more harm than good. One would end up accumulating high cholesterol levels, chemical preservatives, high levels of saturated fats, etc. in the body, which could pose a pound mitler PDFsignificant threat to your health. Even if the Pound Melter worked perfectly, you wouldn’t eat whatever you desired.

The best rate and the most realistic rate is losing 1 to pounds every week, according to experts. Therefore Pound Melter claims of helping you lose 28+ pounds every month is not only unrealistic, but also exposing you to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Are the Pound Melter website images exaggerated?

The ‘after’ and ‘before’ images of Pound Melter users posing on its website could not be uncovered. This makes it hard to dispute their genuineness. But one thing still stands out; the ‘before’ image of Paul is photoshopped on the head in order to match the zoomed body size.

Are the users of Pound Melter actually shedding weight? 

Being a relatively new weight loss product in the market, it’s hard to substantiate the claims that users have lost significant weight as a result of using Pound Melter program. The product is sold through affiliate marketers who earn commission from every referral they make. Therefore, the reviews online are tailored in order to deceive people pound mitler downloadinto buying the product.

Pound Melter price and the refund policy

This program is priced at $39 and is on cash on delivery basis. Being a ClickBank product, Pound Melter comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if it fails to appeal to you. For a refund, you only need to contact ClickBank customer care at 800-390-6085.

Will Pound Melter assist you in weight loss?

The bottom line:

Keeping in mind that there is zero medical evidence of dark fat cells existence in the human body, and also little evidence on the relationship between lowering body temperature and weight loss, this product may not deliver as claimed. Also, bearing in mind Paul claims, that one can lose weight while eating whatever they get at their disposal is ridiculous. Therefore, in conclusion, we can all come to a consensus that the Pound Melter is a scam.

John Lee