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Top 4 Stretches To Grow Taller

increase height after 20How can you get taller is a question asked by a lot of people who are vertically challenged. But worry not as you aren’t alone, there’re plenty of people looking for simple and quick methods that will help them add some extra inches. For this reason, a lot of people revert to medication such as oils, creams and at times injections. However, these are expensive methods that have side effects on your body. There’re natural means that one can use to increase their height. These exercises and stretches to grow taller can help one increase height regardless of whether they are at puberty or past that age.

Stretches to grow taller aren’t just any stretches but instead are specific ones targeted on specific areas of your spine, thighs, and shins; areas that have growth plates.

The following are some of the most effective stretches that can help one grow taller

1- Cobra Stretch

It’s named after the snake that stretches its neck to form wings. Cobra stretch relaxes the abs, strengthen the back muscles especially the spine and lengthen your chest, lungs, abdomen, and shoulders. It also helps to stimulate the digestive system and to alleviate stress.

How to do it

-Lie on your abdomen on the floor with your hands settled directly below your shoulders. Your legs and toes must be stretched straight.

-Exhale softly while using your abdominal muscles to support the spine. Thrust your hips off the floor.

-Lengthen and straighten your torso while holding your hips together. Maintain this position for 15-30 seconds.

-Gently lower your upper body as you stretch the spine.

Cobra Stretch to grow taller

2- Pelvic shift

This is the easiest and most effective exercise to grow tall. It normally works on your lower regions of the body like lower spine and hips.

How to carry it on

-Lie on your back with your arms facing downwards.

-Bend your knees so that your feet come closer to your hips.

-Slightly lift your back and pelvis.

-Remain in this position for 20 seconds.

-Repeat this for five times or more if you can.

Pelvic shift to grow taller

3- Table stretch

This is a low impact exercise that work on the back muscles of your legs and at the same time compresses the muscles on your lower back. It should be performed with lots of care as wrong stretching can cause injury.

How to do it

-Sit on your workout mat with your legs straight and wide opened. Place your arms near your buttocks.

-Gently move your head backward as far as you can.

-Keep your hands straight while lifting your butt together with the knees at the right angle in a way that your thigh and your torso will lie parallel to the floor.

-Your shins and hands will be perpendicular to the surface, giving your body a shape of the table.

-Maintain in this position for 8-20 seconds.

Table stretch to grow taller

4- Hanging exercises

This is universally considered to be one of the most effective exercises you can do to grow taller. It can be done by anybody irrespective of their age. However, you need to do it frequently so that your body can remain active and healthy. Hanging exercises help one grow taller in a natural way and much quicker. Hanging can yield significant results when done for thirty minutes a week.

There are two ways in which it can be performed. The easiest of them being hanging from a horizontal bar. Maintain in this position for close to 20 seconds and do this for 10 to 15 times. As you get used to doing it, you can begin to twist your body.

The second way is to hang your body upside down. You can do this by strapping your ankles with some support. This method is more effective than the first one, but you need to be extra careful when doing it. 

How to perform it

-Fix a bar horizontally at a height that’s taller than you.Hanging exercises to grow taller

-Dead hang on it and maintain in that position for close to 20 seconds so that gravity can work effectively on your body.

-Come down and relax for few minutes.

-Repeat this exercise for 10-15 seconds.

-After getting used to this exercise, you can add some extra ankle weights. Additional weight will help stretch the ankle cartilage and also strengthen it.


The best thing about these exercises is that they can be done at any time of the day, before and after you go to bed, during warm-ups for the gym or any other time that may be convenient to you. Couple the exercises with a balanced diet rich in calcium, proteins, and vitamins. This means you have to do away with junk foods as much as you can. Having done that you’re not only increasing height from this stretches but also you’ll start to look better and toned.

John Lee

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