The Beta Switch Review – Sue Heinzte’s Secrets Exposed

The-Beta-SwitchLosing weight is not an easy task especially for women. The market is saturated with thousands of courses, workout DVDs and programs all designed for men. Women never find it as a big problem, as this programs and workout courses also works on them. 

But have you ever thought of a weight loss program that has been designed to work exclusively with a woman body?

This weight loss program designed exclusively to work for women ignore the important parts of the women body when helping them with weight loss. The body parts that define a woman are thighs, belly, hips and bums. These body parts act as a reservoir of fat, and it becomes difficult to rid fat from these regions. 

My wife found that she was overweight and wanted to lose the extra pounds she had accumulated. Being a men gymnastic coach in a local gymnasium, I decided to help offer her my help. I had no experience in women exercises as I was used to working with guys. When working with guys, it is easier for them to lose weight. But for my wife, nothing seemed to be working.

So I decided to go an extra mile and conducted some research so that I could help her.

That’s when I came across a weight-loss program that captured my attention; The Beta SwitchNew Stubborn Fat Solution For Women. The brain behind the program is an Australian woman, Sue Heinzte. I decided to go through it to learn how I could help my wife in losing fats from her bums, thighs, hip, and belly region. As I read through, I came to realize that Sue had a vast knowledge of stubborn fat deposits and how to burn them.

I have decided to share the few secrets of the program so that you too, can decide whether it’s worth a try.

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The Beta Switch is a program created by an Australian woman, Sue Heinzte, who is a body transformation expert. It is a 12-week system that works to help with weight loss. Sue has explained how to activate the fat-burning BETA receptors and deactivate the ALPHA receptors that stores fat.

The Beta Switch is a weight loss lifestyle instead of a weight loss diet for women. It helps to activate the power of fat burning in the most stubborn fat-accumulating regions in the woman body. This happens without strict adherence to diet and minimal workouts. The Beta Switch saves women the hassle of having to conduct strenuous exercises and compulsive dieting. This program works for every woman irrespective of their age or fat location.

The program is applicable to even the busiest woman, professional moms, and ladies with damaged metabolism and worst fat burning genetics. Remember all this happens without having to subscribe to those boring cardio exercises.

What to expect from The Beta Switch

-Easy ways to determine your body food requirement in relation to your weight

-The list of fruits and vegetables to take so as to activate the fat burning metabolism and also to help in boosting your immune system

-Four herbal extract and natural oil that switches off the fat-storing Alpha receptors 

-6-day diet plan that help to improve your metabolism significantly

About the Author: Sue Heinzte

Sue Heinzte is an ordinary woman who had a problem with her weight loss just like you. But after years of researching for a solution to her weight loss headache, she created a unique Sue-Heintze-The-Beta-Switch-Authorprogram that saw her lose fat while giving her that toned body. At the age of 40, Sue had achieved her dream body. 

In 2003, Sue came up with an Ideal Body forum that exist to-date where she teaches women on fitness and nutrition matters as well as how they can lose weight. She has coached over 30 winners and 4 Australian National Body Transformation Championship grand slam champions.

She has appeared on many local and international TV shows and wrote various articles for Australian Oxygen magazine. She has also contributed to writing Shape Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Women Weekly, which happens to be the most popular Australian magazine as well as Women Health magazine. She also took art in National Figure Competition at the state and national level. 

How this program works

Switching off the fat storing Alpha receptors is the basis of this program. Both men and women bodies have Alpha and Beta cells, but researches have shown that women have more Alpha cells than the Beta cell.

Alpha receptors in the women body are nine times more than Beta cells. Therefore, for every Beta that wants to burn fat, it has to compete with 9 Alpha receptors that want to store it. The fat is stored in the stubborn regions of the body; hips, thighs, bums, and belly.

This program compensates for the lower levels of Beta receptors in the receptors by creating a fat burning environment inside the body. Beta Nutri-Active Diet Program has been prescribed by Sue to The Beta Switch users.

The Beta Nutri-Active Diet Program is the most important part of The Beta Switch. It is created in three steps;

  1. Taking meals frequently
  2. Varying calories intake
  3. Cleansing and boosting the system

The above steps have been explained in depth by Sue and the list of foods that repair and speed up metabolism

The Beta Switch strong points

The program is tailored exclusively for women, and this has enabled it to tackle the problems faced by women in their weight loss journey. This program concentrates in burning stubborn fat that has proven to be the most difficult fat to burn in the body.

The Beta Switch also focuses on Cellulite that every girl encounters at some point in her life. It is scientifically proven. 

The program strongholds

-It isn’t an extreme diet

Carb Nite Solution scam-Repairs damaged metabolism

-Comes with 24 HD exercise videos

-Contains valuable bonuses

-Contain a three months Trial ,Tone membership containing additional tips.

-Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee

The program is user reviewed. Sue Heinzte included the reviews from The Beta Switch users and compiled it in a PDF file she named “Real Life Motivation From Women Like You”.

The program is priced at a discounted price of $37 at the moment this review was crafted. The price will shoot to $97 once the discounted copies are exhausted. Grab your copy soon.

You have to be patient and invest your effort if you want this program to work on you. The days of a miracle happening are long gone.


The Bottom Line

The Beta Switch has been proven to work, owing to the positive reviews from its users. I would rate it at 9/10. Its friendly approach on diet and exercises has earned it a reputable name. It is also created by a respected transformation and fitness coach who has good understanding of how the body works. I would recommend The Beta Switch to any woman who wants to lose weight in a less strenuous way.


John Lee