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6 Simple Yoga Poses to Increase Height

yoga to increase height 1Are you bored with all those supplements and hard exercises that promise to help you gain height, yet they fail? Looking for an effective method to add two or more inches to your height without any side effects? Then Yoga poses is the best solution for you. Many exercises and supplements may help you add an extra height, but none can offer better results than yoga. Why do yoga to increase height?

Yoga postures and poses can help stretch and lengthen your spine. The poses are completely safe and offer other health benefits apart from height gain. Benefits associated with Yoga include improved immunity, stress reliever, improving your brain development, and so on. This may be a discussion for another day. 

Without much ado, allow me to walk you through yoga exercise that helps in height gain. Read through the paragraphs below to get aware of the yoga poses that help to increase height.

  1. Tadasana or Tree Pose

Tadasana is an ideal yoga pose that helps to lengthen and strengthen your spine to increase your height. The tree pose involves moving your hands to help in breathing. It helps to tone the muscles around your chest and also works to strengthen the lungs. Besides lengthening the spine, it can be beneficial to people who have lower back pain.

  1. Surya Namaskar

The asana pose is the sun salutation. It involves 12 poses that are done in a cyclical manner. This helps in muscle gain and stretching the back muscles. You start by placing your feet on the ground while facing the sun. Perform a namaskar using your palms and lift your arms while inhaling. After this, bend forward while exhaling until your chest touches the ground. This should

be done without bending the knees. Raise your head while pushing the left leg forward then followed by your right leg until you lie prostrate on the ground. Relax and repeat the cycle step by step.


  1. Bhujangasana – Cobra Posture

Bhujangasana is a yoga pose also referred to as the Cobra Posture. Lie on your stomach while your toes are stretched out. Keep your legs close and your hands below the shoulders. By exerting some pressure on your hands, lift your chest up. Make sure to balance the pressure you apply on both hands. Having done this, stretch your head back as much as possible.

  1. Sukhasana

yoga to increase height3All the yoga poses originate from this center position called Sukhasana. This is because, the pose helps to control your breathing and tones the lower back and hips thereby helping to decompress the cartilages in those areas. To do the pose, first sit on your mat in a cross-legged position while resting your hands on the knees. The focus of the pose is to enable you control your breathing rate so that you can have deep and paced breaths. Now push your hips to the floor and slowly lower your knees. Take at least five breaths by inhaling when lifting your hands over your head and exhaling while lowering your hands. This should be repeated for five to seven times and should be done steadily.

  1. Ardha Chakrasana – Wheel Pose

Ardha Chakrasana means half a wheel pose, and that’s why this position is also known as the wheel pose. In wheel pose, you have to stand straight with both feet close to each other and your arms on either side. After achieving this position, bend your hands and head backward as much as you can. Bend until you feel the stretch. The poseis difficult to achieve in the first attempt but with time and practice, you’ll get flexible and be able to bend more. In a few attempt, you’ll be able to bend completely backward until you touch the ground with your hands and complete the position.

  1. Parivrtta Trikonasana

This yoga pose is also referred to as the Reverse Triangle Pose. It helps you have a good body balance and gain height. To perform this pose,you have to stand with your legs apart and raise your hands to be in line with your body. Bend to your left and touch the toes with your right hand while lifting the left hand up straight. Hold for a while when looking up. Exhale and repeat the pose on the other side.

The bottom line

The above yoga poses will not only help in gaining height but will also help to keep you fit and healthier. Coupled with other exercises for spine and hips as well as having a balanced diet, you will achieve tremendous results in your height gain journey.


John Lee

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